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A local club affiliated with the Tolkien Society, the American Tolkien Society, or the Tolkien Society Forodrim. (In LotR, a "smial" is a rustic hobbit hole.)

Smials (all locations are in the UK unless otherwise noted). Many (if not most) are no longer active.

Amon Sûl -- Halifax, NS Arnor -- UK Armar In Ruthondudun Ost In Vanyar Llachatherdad -- Brighton Arts Group (may not have been a smial) Bolgeri -- Milan, Italy Brighton Burrow Brophy -- Phoenix, AZ Bywater Smial -- Isle of Wight Minas Celeb -- Liverpool Cerin Erain -- Uppsala, Sweden The Council of Westmarch -- Billings, MT Crickhollow -- Derbyshire Dor-en-ernil -- Teignmouth, Devon Durin's Guard -- Bosnia and Herzegovina Dwarf Postal Smial -- postal Eä Tolkien Society -- Spokane, WA Elostirion -- Whitehaven and Cumbria Eregion -- Wolverhampton Esgaroth -- Syracuse, NY Fornost Erain -- Stockholm, Sweden Forlond Smial -- North Devon Glasgow University Tolkien Society -- Glasgow The Grey Havens -- Liverpool Hern Ennorath / Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship -- Brisbane, Australia Hobbiton -- Inverclyde House of Durin -- Probably postal Hyarrostar -- Whitstable, Kent, and High Wycombe, Bucks. Inland Northwest Tolkien Society Isengard -- Birmingham Area Italian Tolkien Collectors -- Italy Ithilien -- Stoke-on-Trent Khand -- United Arab Emirates The Last Alliance -- Edmonton, AB Laurelin -- Scotland and Online Lays of Leithian -- Tegelen, Germany Lebennin Smial -- The Lebanese Tolkien Society -- Lebanon Lómelindi -- Nashville, TN Lothlorien -- Dartford, Kent Michel Delving -- Jersey Minas Tirith -- Cambridge, UK Misty Mountains -- Denver, CO Mithlondrim -- Merseyside and North West Morgul-hai -- Maidstone, Kent North East Tolkien Society -- New York City Northfarthing -- London and Home Counties Periannath -- York Proudneck -- Rome, Italy Rangers of the North -- Preston Riddermark of the Shire -- Stevenage RHUL Tolkien Society -- University of London Rivendell -- North Kelsey, Lincoln, and Gimsby, South Humberside The Shire -- Coventry The South Downs -- Sussex Southfarthing -- Southampton Taruithorn -- Oxford Three Farthing Stone -- Gloucestershire Tol-en-Estel -- Cheltenham Tol Eressëa -- Taipei, Taiwan Tol Andúnë -- Hawaii Tolkien Fans Monterrey -- Monterrey, Spain Tolkien Forever Fellowship of Southern California -- Los Angeles, CA Treegarth Smial -- Derbyshire/Staffordshire University of Birmingham Middle Earth Society -- Birmingham University of Bristol Tolkien Society -- Bristol University of York Tolkien Society -- York Wellinghall Smial -- Toronto, ON Welly-moot -- Wellington, NZ Westmarch -- Leicester Woodspring Smial -- Weston-super-Mare

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