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A Brief Chronology

Date Event
1952 Brisbane Science Fiction Group started
1955, Mar 31 Brisbane Science Fiction Group visited by Arthur C. Clarke
1971 First Q-Con
1974, Mar 16-17 Arthur C. Clarke visited Brisbane
1977 Quest (Star Trek club) founded
1982 First Conquest
1983, Sept 24-25 Conquest '83 (first Media Natcon)
1985, June 8-10 Con Amore (Media Natcon)
1989 Brisbane Doctor Who Fan Club founded
1991, Mar 29 - Apr 1 SunCon (Brisbane's first Australian Natcon)
1995, Jan 27-29 Event Horizon convention held
1995 Pulp Fiction bookshop opened
1996, May 3-5 Parliament of Dreams convention held
2000, May 28 Brisbane Doctor Who Fan Club disbanded
2006, Apr 2 First Brisbane Zombie Walk
2006, Apr 14-17 Conjure (Natcon)
2007, Apr 26 Brisbane Doctor Who Fan Club restarted
2007, June 15 Torchwood Fan Club of Australia founded
2016, Mar 25-28 Contact2016 (Natcon)
2016, Mar 27 Kathleen Jennings won three Ditmar Awards

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