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A fanzine originally published between 1949 and 1951, originally by the Elves, Gnomes, and Little Men's Chowder, Science Fiction, and Marching Society, but the publication caused so much dissension within the organization, that it ceased to be the clubzine and the fanzine went off on its own. (See Bay Area for the discussion in Fancyclopedia 2.) It was revived for three issues in 1962 by Al haLevy.

Rhodomagnetism was a fictional science from Jack Williamson's The Humanoids, and (as "rhodomagnetics") his earlier novelette "With Folded Hands ...".

The six issues of Volume 1 were edited by George T. Blumenson, the six of Volume 2 were edited by Don Fabun and Donald Baker Moore, and Volume 3 by Don Fabun alone.

A detailed, retrospective review by Jon D. Swartz of the March, 1951, issue (Volume II, Number 5) was published in Scientifiction: The First Fandom Report for Spring, 2003.

Issue Date Pages Notes
VI.1 July 24, 1949
VI.2 August 1949
VI.3 September 1949 18
VI.4 December 1949
VI.5 March 1950
VI.6 May 1950 42
VI.7 June 1950 56 Last issue edited by George T. Blumenson
VII.1 August 1950 42
VII.2 September 1950 44
VII.3 40
VII.4 February 1951 44
VII.5 March 1951 44
VIII.1 #14 June-July 1951 60
VIII.2 #15 July 1951 60
VIII.3 #16 October 1951 62
VIII.4 #17 November-December 1951 62
VIII.5 #18 1952 64
VIII.6 #19 1952 64
V4.1 #20 1952 78
V4.2 #21 1952 56 Final issue of first series under Don Fabun
1952 16 Bidzine for San Francisco in '53
V5.1 #22 July 1962 76 First issue of revival under Al haLevy
V5.2 #23 October 1962 72+ Final issue of revival

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