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A zine put out by (and usually for) members of an sf club. Can be anything from a simple meeting notice to a full-fledged general circulation fanzine. The very first fanzines –- The Comet and The Planet –- were clubzines.

Most club fanzines, published over time, remain the official publication of the club and rack up a host of editors –- Shangri-L'Affaires. Rune, and Proper Boskonian are examples. On occasion, particularly if they evolve from a simple club bulletin to general a circulation fanzine, they've become independent of the club: For example, when CSFS members said the Bulletin of the Cleveland Science Fantasy Society resembled a personal fanzine more closely than a club bulletin, Harlan Ellison, its editor continued the numbering but changed the title of his fanzine to Science Fantasy Bulletin and later yet to Dimensions. When Seattle's The Nameless Ones' club bulletin, Cry of the Nameless, began publishing more general material, the various editors began paying the publishing costs to make it their own and eventually dropped "of the Nameless" from the title.

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