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The MIT Science Fiction Society in Cambridge, MA was founded in 1949. It has the world's largest open-shelf collection of science fiction, publishes Twilight Zine and has the motto "We're not fans, we just read the stuff." The MITSFS Index was a somewhat MITSFS project organized by Erwin S. Strauss.

It's officers and committees are unique:

The Skinner
The Lord High Embezzler
The Onseck

Well-known fans who were members include Guy Consolmagno, George Flynn, Richard Harter, Tony Lewis, Fuzzy Pink Niven, Cory Seidman, Erwin S. Strauss, Leslie Turek, Mike Ward, Robert Wiener. In may respects, NESFA is an outgrowth of MITSFS.

Mike Ward founded TAPA in 1968 to encourage fannishness in sercon MITSFS.

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