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(August 12, 1936 - August 29, 2004)

George Flynn was a lifelong collector of SF books and magazines, had a PhD in Physical Chemistry, and worked for many years as (silent) college textbook co-author and then as a specialty proofreader. He was a stalwart of NESFA (and a Fellow of NESFA), MITSFS and MCFI and served as secretary of Noreascon Two, ran the George Division of Noreascon 3, helped to run Ditto 11, and served numerous times on the staff of the WSFS Business meeting and Mark Protection Committee. He was the original head of the Long List Committee.

He worked on a number of indexes to SF, including the NESFA Index and the Twaci Press indexes, proofread books for NESFA Press and professionally (he was regarded as one of the best proofreaders in SF.)

Additionally, he wrote for many fanzines and APAs including APA-NESFA, Apaloosa and many committee APAs. His long-running APA title was Not Necessarily). He administered the Hugo Awards, and edited the ground-breaking fanzine for Noreascon Two, The Voice of the Lobster. He was the entire membership of the Fannish Frisian Freedom Front. He also published Hits, Cons, and Errors. He was a member of RISFA and RISFA-North.

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