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The New England Science Fiction Association is an active club based in the Boston area. It sponsors Boskone and ran NESFA Press.


Prompted by discussions at NYcon 3, the 1967 Worldcon, an organizational meeting was held September 23, 1967 at Bill Desmond's house. Tony Lewis was elected Acting Chairman and NESFA held its first meeting a couple weeks later on October 8, 1967.

Naturally, the first order of business was to select a name. The existing Boston Science Fiction Society was rejected because it had developed a troubled reputation. Also rejected were "Massachusetts Science Fiction Association", "Bay State Science Fiction Association", "Massachusetts Bay Science Fiction Association" and "The Boskonians" or The Eddoreans. (The latter was actually used for a time as an alternative name, but it didn't catch on.) Both were following the tradition of The Lunarians


It is one of the rare sf clubs that boasts its own clubhouse, in which the group holds weekly meetings most Wednesday evenings, for socializing, projects, and miscellaneous business, plus two weekend meetings each month: a Business Meeting (for administration), and the Other Meeting. The club also publishes a regular newsletter, Instant Message, and hosts an annual convention, Boskone.

NESFans also present two more or less annual awards, the Skylark Award and the Jack Gaughan Award, and run NESFA Press.

Their vigor in approaching fan politics and tendency to congregate together at conventions, sometimes in matching t-shirts, has caused some acerbic fans to refer to them as the "Marching NESFAns," and to remark, "NESFA makes the trains run on time." (IA)

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