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Midwestcon 8 was held June 28-30, 1957 at the North Plaza Motel in Cincinnati.

The convention was nearly rained out as the tail end of Hurricane Audrey produced heavy rain on Friday. With Worldcon in London, many people went to Midwestcon for their annual "fix": attendance included Robert Bloch, E. E. Smith, Isaac Asimov, Frank Dietz, Belle Deitz, Marty Greenberg, E. E. Evans, P. Schuyler Miller, Jim Harmon, Tom Scortia, G. M. Carr, Bob Tucker, Don Ford, Lou Tabakow, Leigh Brackett, Edmond Hamilton, Nick Falasca, Noreen Falasca, Earl Kemp, Robert Silverberg, L. Sprague de Camp, Bill Grant, Doc Barrett, Stuart Hoffman, Boyd Raeburn, Bob Madle, and George Nims Raybin. There was nearly a program: After the banquet, there was a slide show of SF art and artists, two movies made by British fans from the Liverpool Group and the Cheltenham Group, as well as slides from previous Midwestcons and Worldcons.

There is a convention report by Don Ford in Science Fiction Times #277 for August 1957.

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