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(9 July 1917 -- ??)

Mae Strelkov "was born in China. Her parents were English missionaries. She married Vadim Strelkov who was Russian-born and they moved to Chile, then Buenos Aires, and then on to a ranch in Jujuy. She was so well loved in fandom that Joan Bowers and Susan Wood started a fan fund [the Mae Strelkov's Friends Fund] for her, and in 1974 she attended the worldcon Discon II, DeepSouthCon and traveled the U.S. for two months."

She "was an Argentinian grandmother and lived on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, wrote loving letters and locs, and printed highly colorful hecto paintings."

Fanzines and Apazines:

References to Mae Strelkov appear now and again in the late Ned Brooks's zines such as It Goes on the Shelf.

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