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(September 8, 1947 – )

Linda Eyster Bushyager is a long-time Philadelphia fan now living in Las Vegas and married to Ron Bushyager. She is primarily known for publishing the genzine Granfalloon (1968 – 1976) and the newszine Karass (1973 – 1974). She was one of the founders of the Carnegie Mellon SF Club and then was one of the Founding Mothers of WPSFA in the ’60s.

She is currently a member of Snaffu and was part of the Corflu 4 committee. Along with Linda Lounsbury, she revised Bob Tucker's Neo Fan's Guide in the mid-’70s. She edited the MidAmeriCon newsletter, Bullsheet and the fanzine Duprass.

She’s also a pro, author of several sf novels.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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