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(May 27, 1940 -- May 15, 1998)

Jackie Causegrove was a prominent Midwestern fan. She was known as Jackie Franke while she was married to Wally Franke and lived in rural Illinois, near Chicago. After they separated, she resumed her maiden name and moved to Cincinnati, where she lived with Dave Locke.

With Bruce Gillespie, she was administrator of The Tucker Bag, a fan fund in 1975 to bring Bob Tucker to Aussiecon. She published the fanzines Dilemma, Ettle, The Garden Path (for Slanapa), and Resolution. Her fanzines were somewhat controversial among fanzine fandom, because she largely wrote convention reports. She was one of the founders of the League of Lecherous Ladies. With Locke she co-founded FLAP. The two were significant figures in the TAFF Wars.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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Also involved with: Fan Tarot Deck - Joni Stopa
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