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(1954 --)

A LA-area con-running fan who found fandom in 1968 -- he met Ray Bradbury who suggested he should join LASFS (of which he remains a member, including many years on its Board and as Chairman of the Board) and then attended FunCon 1. Since then his major fanac has been con-running.

He chaired L.A.con II, the 1984 Worldcon. In addition, he chaired Loscon 12, and co-chaired OakLaCon (Westercon 28). He is one of the founders of SCIFI. He was a member of Cosmic Wind Enterprises and edited an issue of Flights of Fantasy and many issues of SFinctor.

He is married to fellow fan Genny Dazzo.

Professionally, he did promotions for Star Wars for Lucasfilms in the late 70s and early 80, which gave him the opportunity to travel to many conventions on their behalf...and to promote LA in 1984. He ran Con Artists, an independent publicity and promotions firm. More recently, he and Marv Wolfman have formed Wolfmill Entertainment. He co-chaired Equicon '74.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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