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(1923 – November 19, 1999)

Arthur William Saha was a former SF editor and past president of First Fandom and the NY Science Fiction Society (the Lunarians). He had a long and ardent interest in SF as a collector, fan, and editor. He was father of Heidi Saha.

In the late 50s, he lived in the Nunnery and Riverside Dive. He chaired a number of Lunacons and was involved in Metrocon 1. He was a member of Vanguard, the Second Futurian Society of New York and the NY in '86 bid committee. With Al Schuster he was co-chair of the NYCon 4 Bid in 1970.

He published Parnassus with Alva Rogers and James Kepner.

Saha worked for years as a research chemist before joining Donald Wollheim at DAW Books, which was formed in 1972. In the 1970s and 1980s Saha edited and co-edited many DAW anthology titles.

He is credited with coining the word "Trekkies."

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