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Things for Mark to do What do you want do to about the bordered in black stuff?

1958 was known as The Year of the Jackpot because of the previously unheard-of number of deaths.

February <bordered in black> Ackerman publicizes "sci-fi" in Famous Monsters of Filmland #1 </bordered in black>
February 4 Henry Kuttner dies
February 23 <black> WSFS, Inc. formally incorporated in New York</black>
February 24 Fanac by Terry Carr and Ron Ellik begins publication
early Mutual lawsuits between Dave Kyle and the Dietz-Raybin faction over WSFS, Inc.
March 15 2000th anniversary of the death of Julius Caesar
March 21 Cyril Kornbluth dies
March CRAP formed
Easter Cytricon IV, British Science Fiction Association organized
June 8 F. Towner Laney dies
mid Second Futurian Society of New York formed
July 6 Dallas Futurian Society disbanded
August 29 - September 1 (Labor Day) Solacon (Worldcon)
August 31 WSFS, Inc. effectively killed by Anna Moffatt at Solacon
December 2 E. E. Evans dies
Ron Bennett TAFF trip

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