Virgincon in '65

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A hoax bid for the 1965 Worldcon which was presented by Robert Silverberg at Pacificon II.

From George Scithers' report on the Pacificon II business meeting:

"Bob Silverberg rose to give the funniest bid in history, for the Virgincon or the Johnson -- the sponsors planned it for a hotel St John's, Virgin Islands, and hadn't decided which to call it. Bob dwelt at length on the desirable features of the site - only $595 by air from New York to St. Thomas, capital of the Virgin Islands, and from there, one can take a boat which passes within a short swimming distance of St. John's . . . This island's greatest scenic attraction is an animal preserve, filled with all manner of strange and fell creatures which very seldom leave for other parts of the island. The hotel has no convention meeting room, but there is an excellent outdoor meeting place. (The con will take place during the rainy season.) And as a special feature, the local natives have been per suaded to give their famous Sterility Dance for the benefit of the fans. However, we must hurry and have the con soon, for the natives are a dying race... anyway, there were, Bob said, plenty of pretty girls available."

It lost to London in '65.

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