Twonk's Disease

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(Were you looking for Harry Bell's fanzine?)

A fannish affliction that causes falling of the armpits. At one time, it was suspected of spreading infected via mimeograph stencils or excess mimeo cranking. However, the ailment first arose in the hectograph era and has persisted into the electronic age.

There is no known cure, though copious quantities of blog may keep the symptoms at bay — or at least keep victims from feeling the pain.

Theodore Sturgeon referred to it in his story “The Martian and the Moron” (Weird Tales, March 1949): “He had Mother call up the office and say he had Twonk's disease, and kept up his peregrinations all that night and all the following day until midnight.”

Fancyclopedia 1 reported that it originated in the MFS Silly Stories.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
(MFS) The ultimate in afflictions of any nature, possibly synonymous with falling of the armpits.
From Fancyclopedia 1, ca. 1944
(MFS) - The ultimate in afflictions of any nature.

See Fannish Ailments.

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