The Martin Chronicles

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A collection/fanthology of pieces Rob Hansen wrote about Martin Smith, the title being an obvious pun on Ray Bradbury's classic. The online version has "© Rob Hansen, 1998" on the contents page and ends "This Edition formatted from e-mails by Bill Bowers | 01-09-2000" [sic?]; per its eFanzines page, Smith's premature death in August 2003 "prompted the re-publication […] (cover art by Rob Hansen, layout of this edition by Bill Bowers)".

This collection is the result of public demand (there =have= been requests) and my own feeling that I ought to have something to trade while I’m still deciding whether or not to put out a general circulation fanzine. […] First published mainly in my FAPAzine LICKS and in BORN IN THE UK, a zine I used to do for a now-defunct US apa called APA OF THE DAMNED, all but one of these pieces (the much later [i. e. 1995] PRECURSOR INTERSECTION) cover an 18 month period from May 1991 to November 1992 and are, believe it or not, an essentially true account of the events […] their style was inspired by the writing of Charles Burbee and Dave Barry. (NEWSHOUNDS OF THE YORKSHIRE GREY is my attempt at a Dave Barry article, and Martin really does use Al Ashley’s catchphrase.) The final piece, CEASE AND DESIST, was written specifically to end this collection but ended up seeing prior print in ATTITUDE, where it was rightly denounced by the readers for its particularly low humour.

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