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Smofcon 38 was a convention which held December 2-4, 2022 at the Le Centre Sheraton Montreal in Montreal, Canada.

It was originally scheduled to be held December 4-6, 2020, but was cancelled in the summer of 2020 due to Covid-19. (A brief virtual convention called Smofcon 37 1/4 was held by the Montreal group on December 5, 2020.) When Smofcon 38 cancelled, Smofcon 39, which had already been selected, was held as scheduled in 2021 and Smofcon 38 was rescheduled to 2022.

The theme was "The Cirque des Smofs".

Smofcon 40 was selected at Smofcon 38 but was officially selected by Smofcon 39...or something confusing like that, anyway... There were three bidders, Providence in 2023, Stockholm in 2023 and NY/NJ in 2023. Two weeks before Smofcon, NY/NJ dropped out urging the voters to select Providence. Providence won on a 37-23 vote.

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