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A series of academic sf conventions sometimes called SeCon held on university campuses from 1968 to 1973. Secondary Universe was founded in Wisconsin by Ivor Rogers, who explained his plans "writing to as many of the important fanzines as possible":

The ideal blending at a conference of this sort would be 1/3 fan, 1/3 academic, and 1/3 writer-artist-filmaker-etc. Also, at a conference of this sort, we don't need many spectators--everyone should be a contributor. If all you can do at a con is to wear your TANSTAAFL or FRODO LIVES button and attend parties, this type of a con would not interest you much. (Although we did have some nice parties at # I.) This is intended to fill a space half way between a Fancon and the meetings at the MLA.[1]

The Science Fiction Research Association was born (and gestated, and nurtured) at Secondary Universe(s), despite the cry Let's Take Science Fiction Out of the Universities and Put It Back into the Gutter Where It Belongs!

Convention Date Locale
Secondary Universe I May 10–11, 1968 University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Secondary Universe II October 31 – November 1, 1969 University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
Secondary Universe III October 16–18, 1970 Queensboro Community College, Bayside, LI, New York
Secondary Universe IV October 8–11, 1971 Spaced Out Library and McGill University, Toronto[2]
Secondary Universe V October 1972 Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa
Secondary Universe VI September 1973 Penn State University, State College, PA
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  2. Judith Merrill in the introduction to Northern Stars, ed. by David Hartwell.

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