Science Fiction League of Iowa Students

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SFLIS (yes, it's named after a venereal disease -- it was Joe Haldeman's idea) is a student club at the University of Iowa in Iowa City which was founded in 1975. Fl. 1975-89.

It grew from a class in SF writing that Haldeman taught with another professor and which met in the back room of The Mill Restaurant and Bar on Wednesdays at 5PM. Even after the class was over it kept on meeting and became the club which met there every Wednesday for many years.

Most of the class went with the Haldemans to Minicon 10 in 1975. They came back to Iowa and decided they could throw a convention, too, and that’s how ICON began. Some of the originators were Gregory Frost, Mark Moore, Michael Miller, Bill Johnson, Randy Reynolds, Stephanie Oberembt, Terry Matz, and Steve Ross, who were all in the class. Frost, Johnson, and Ross went on to writing careers.

Club 1975
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