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From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
(Speer) For reasons of timeliness, rush to satisfy activity credits, or philoprogenitive rationalization, fans sometimes don't want to wait till the next regular mailing of an APA to distribute their fanzine to the membership. It may then be distributed as individual mailed copies, the distributor bearing the cost and the responsibility of seeing to it that all members get a copy. OMPA and FAPA allow normal credit when this is done; SAPS doesn't.

Despite some objections, publications sent out as postmailings are considered part of the preceding official mailing for purposes of tabulation. A few fans have declared their zines "premailings" to a forthcoming mailing, but tho the original meaning of "postmailing" allowed this, FAPA at least no longer recognizes anything as a "pre-mailing"; implication being that "post" has come to mean method and not time of distribution.