Oakland in '83

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Oakland in '83 was a losing Westercon bid which bid the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Oakland, CA and Oakland Convention Center. It was chaired by John McLaughlan with Michael Acebo, Frank Catalano, Nicolas Chinn, Randall Cooper, Steven Donner. Jo Jenson, Steven R. Johnson, Stillman Kelly, Michael Rupert., Lea C. Sapp and Eric Vinicoff on the committee and John Fund, Jerry Jacks and Terry Whittier as advisors.

Interestingly, its mailing address was in Sunnyvale right next door to two other 1983 Westercon bids.

See the Westercon 34 Program Book for four pages of Oakland ads.

There were at least five bidders, with San Francisco in '83 winning: see 1983 Westercon Site Selection for details.

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