Lazlar Lyricon I

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Lazlar Lyricon I was a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy convention held 25-27 May, 1985 at the Strathallan Hotel in Birmingham, UK. It was organised and sponsored by ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha, the show's appreciation society.

The committee were largely young and inexperienced. Some had not even attended a convention when LL was first mooted. This inexperience did occasionally lead to innovation. A BBC microcomputer was plugged into the hotel's in-room video channel, effectively delivering a form of convention newsletter to members' TVs. With membership at £16.50, it was however relatively expensive for its day as comments in Ansible suggest.

The Strathallan had been planned as the venue for Mexicon 2. Ansible #44 reported in September 1985 that Mexicon had relocated after 'study of the Strathallan's performance at Lazlar Lyricon'.

Lazlar Lyricon has subsequently been identified as the first of the Funcons.

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