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(December 30, 1926 -- September 2, 2019)

John N. Weaver enjoyed reading Science Fiction but was unaware of SF Fandom until he transferred to the IBM plant in Boca Raton, Florida, in 1978 and then, in 1980, joined a System 7 software development group and met Edie Stern. She introduced him to fandom and he went to his first con, Tropicon I, in 1982 and in 1985 he joined SFSFS.

He continued working at Tropicons and as a member of SFSFS for a number of years until he gafiated due to the pressures of family and work. He rejoined SFSFS and went back to working at Tropicons after retiring from IBM in 1992. He continued in this fashion until the death of his wife of 49 years, Deirdre M. Weaver, in 2001 and he moved away from South Florida.

In 1996 Joe Siclari and Edie asked him to develop a web site for a Fanac Fan History Project and it went on-line in 1997. He was Fanac.org's Webmaster for 20 years, and the site's software developer. He continued to contribute software updates until 2019 at age 92. He claimed that programming for the site "kept from going senile".

For his work to preserve fan history, he received a special award at FanHistoriCon 13 in Virginia in 2016.

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