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Awarded by NESFA since 1986, the winner of the Gaughan Award (in full, The Jack Gaughan Award for Best Emerging Artist) is selected by a panel of three judges (which have included Vincent Di Fate, Kelly Freas, Michael Whelan, David Cherry, Bob Eggleton, Todd Lockwood, Irene Gallo, and Ron Walotsky). The winner is announced during Boskone.

Year Winner
1986 Steven Hickman
1987 Val Lakey Lindahn
1988 Bob Eggleton
1989 Dell Harris
1990 Keith Parkinson
1991 Richard Hescox
1992 Jody Lee
1993 Nicholas Jainschigg
1994 Boris Vallejo
1995 Bruce Jensen
1996 Charles Lang
1997 Lisa Snellings-Clark
1998 Donato Giancola
1999 Brom
2000 Stephen Daniele
2001 Mark Zug
2002 Terese Nielsen
2003 Martina Pilcerova
2004 Justin Sweet
2005 Adam Rex
2006 Scott M. Fischer
2007 Dan Dos Santos
2008 Shelly Wan
2009 Eric Fortune
2010 Tyler Jacobson
2011 no award given
2012 no award given
2013 no award given
2014 Sam Burley
2016 Tommy Arnold
2017 Kirbi Fagan
2018 Alessandra Maria Pisano
2019 Nicolas Delort
2020 Iris Compiet
2021 Hilary Clarq
2022 no award given
2023 Martina Fackova

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