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Fan Fair I (also known as Toronto Triple Fan Fair) was a convention held June 29–July 1, 1968, outdoors in tents at 594 Markham St, in Toronto, ON. The GoHs were Roger Zelazny and Stan Lee.

It was sponsored by OSFiC, Memory Lane, the Canadian Academy of Comic Book Collectors, and the Markam Village Film Club and run by George Henderson. The focus of convention was three-fold: sf, films, and comics. Members paid $1 for a "passport" which let them enter the tents and houses where events took place. The passport showed a three-headed dragon chasing hippie and beatnik artists through the streets, with art canvases flying in all directions.

For the program, Ken Smookler moderated a debate among Roger Zelazny, Stan Lee, and Phyllis Gotlieb on 2001: A Space Odyssey; there were retrospective talks on Tarzan, the history of pictorial SF, and adult comics as well as a Star Trek display. Films were projected on two wrinkled sheets stapled to a house wall.

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