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Disclave 12 was a convention held May 10-12, 1969 (Mother's Day weekend) at the Regency Congress Inn in Washington, DC. Robert Silverberg was GoH and Jay Haldeman chaired it. Jay Kay Klein wrote a wonderful marathon length con report (WSFA Journal Sept. 68, reprinted in part, Dec. 1987.) There were about 100 attendees.

Jay Kay Klein gave a humorous slide show, "The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody", which may have been the first time he did this long-running and popular slide show. Ted White startled everyone by appearing without his trademark beard, having long sideburns instead. Alexis Gilliland announced that he had sold an article to Playboy. There was also plenty of music at the convention, in the form of late night singing by fans and an appearance by a Bavarian Brass Band.

Science Fiction Times rated the program as weak, but the parties as great in its June 1968 issue.

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