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(Are you looking for the DeepSouthCon held in Louisville, KY, in 1993, or the Swancon held in Australia in 2014?)

Con-Juration was a series of SF literature and gaming-focused conventions held in Tulsa, OK starting in 1984.

Convention Dates Guests
Con-Juration I June 1-3, 1984 Author: Jack Chalker, Fan: Doug Wilkey, Special Guests were Edward Bryant, Glen Cook, and Mike Resnick, TM: Warren Norwood; at West World Inn
Con-Juration II May 10-12, 1985 Author: Mike Resnick, Gaming: Scott Haring, TM: Ed Bryant; at Camelot Hotel
Con-Juration III May 23-25, 1986 at Hilton Hotel
Con-Juration IV
Con-Juration V 1994 George R. R. Martin may have been GoH
Con-Juration VI July 7-9, 1995 Glen Cook, Edward Bryant, Media: Tom Savini; at Adam's Mark Hotel

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