Checklist of Post-Worldcon Tasks

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Things that need doing annually after Worldcon:[edit]

  • Create page for winning Worldcon. (And NASFiC, if any.)
  • Update new GoHs’ profiles.
  • Update recent Worldcon page. Include attendance figures, what happened, site selection, links to conreps, publications, business meeting reports, &c.
  • Create new bid pages for any new bidders that turned up
  • Create a site selection page for upcoming year.
  • Update Worldcon list page including membership numbers, new Worldcon.
  • Update pages for awards given or announced:
  • Create Year Worldcon, Xth Worldcon and Worldcon X redirects.
  • Update any pages that should point to the new Worldcon page (e.g. pages now pointing to Worldcon X).
  • Update Worldcons by Area.
  • Update any pages affected by things ratified at Business Meeting.
  • Check Hugo In Memoriam Scroll for people whose profiles need creating/updating/past-tensing (that weren’t already done when they died). Also remove redlinks from people inappropriate for Fancy profiles (actors, etc.)
  • Create/update profiles for fans and pros who were notable at the con.