2023 Westercon Site Selection

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Site selection for Westercon 75 was a mess. Westercon 75 should have been selected at Westercon 73 in 2020 and held in 2022, but this was in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and Westercon 73 was postponed to 2021, then turned into a virtual convention, then abandoned entirely and handed over to the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, owners of the Westercon service mark. LASFS agreed to nominally host Westercon 73 as part of Loscon 47, and the Westercon Business Meeting was held at Loscon over Thanksgiving weekend.

As of that meeting, no bids to host Westercon 75 had been filed and no site was selected by either the normal election process at Westercon 73 or at the Business Meeting held at Loscon 47. Because of this, the 2021 Westercon BM nominally awarded Westercon 75 to a committee consisting of Kevin Standlee and Lisa Hayes (who were running Westercon 74 in Tonopah, NV), with the understanding that they would attempt to find a group willing to host the 75th Westercon. They solicited bids and discussed the situation with interested parties. After reviewing a proposal from an Anaheim group, they transferred the right to host Westercon 75 to the Anaheim committee, chaired by Arlene Busby and Michelle Weisblat-Dane.

However, that concom collapsed in May 2023, with the Westercon transferring back to LASFS and Loscon 49.

All persons who voted in the 2023 site selection at Westercon 73 received supporting memberships in Westercon 75.

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