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Xanadu VII was scheduled to be held in 1993 but had to be cancelled:

Dan Caldwell, writes:

The con that wasn't. Dan thought the closure of Xanadu would be only temporary and tried to revive it in 1992 it after he moved back to Nashville. There was a problem with the hotel contract--Dan thought he had one, but the hotel did not. Xanadu VII had to be canceled only 3 weeks before the con date. There ensued many frantic phone calls to the immediate fan world to inform them that the con was off.

The ex-con ex-chair spent a long Friday night in the motel lobby to "explain" what had happened to any fans who showed up. This experience greatly dampened Dan's enthusiasm for trying to revive Xanadu again.

Although fans still come up asking when Xanadu will rise again, there are no plans to revive it. But who knows what next year might bring. Can you say "Real Soon Now"?

12 years later, the name was revived for DeepSouthCon 43...

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