What Is Science Fiction Fandom?

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A guide for neofen published by E. E. Evans for the N3F Welcommittee in September 1944. It featured contributions from Al Ashley, Donald A. Wollheim, Harry Warner, Jr., Bob Tucker, Forrest J Ackerman and Milton A. Rothman. It was 3½ x 5½" and consisted of 41 printed pages.

Tucker extolled it in Rosebud 3 (November 1944):

In early September the NFFF had printed and began distributing a booklet entitled "What Is Science Fiction Fandom?" In some forty pages six fen undertake to describe and explain the tickings of fandom to newcomers and just plain readers who could be newcomers. To this re­porter, this is the first such effort known in which an organization actually attempts to guide a reader into fandom and succeeds without becoming hysterical or hilarious.

K. Martin Carlson pubbed a 17-page letter-size reprint for the N3F in January 1971.

See also: Fandbooks, The Neo-Fan's Guide.

What Is Science Fiction Fandom? online at fanac.org.

Publication 1944
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