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Westercon 32 was held July 4-8 1979 at the Sheraton Palace Hotel in San Francisco. GoH: Richard Lupoff; FGoH: Bruce Pelz; Special Guest: Sherry Gottlieb. Chaired by Jerry Jacks. It had been planned for Ricky's Hyatt House in San Jose, but moved to San Francisco. {Why?}

The convention was visited by an agent of the California Workman's Compensation Board and cited for 23 counts of failing to pay workman's compensation and violation of child labor laws. The fine was reportedly $100 for each count. Fans commented that they should have plenty of money to pay it because they didn't spend much at the con. (E.g., The film program was said to have been done using illegal prints.) It was assumed that this had been triggered by Doug Wright in response to the ongoing feud in LA. It was ultimately cleared of all charges.

Besides the labor issues, the con suffered from record high attendance, "...roving bands of fans dressed in stfnal paramilitary gear, and the hotel's active effort to annihilate all parties. Programming was haphazard, huckster room small, and the art show staged in cramped quarters under inadequate lighting."

Convention reports:

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