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UMSFS is the UMass SF Society which held its first meeting on April 22, 1964, at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA. Joe Ross and Pam Adams Noffke were two of the founders. After the founders graduated, the club disappeared from view, (it's unclear if it was dormant or entirely gone) but it returned to visibility in the 1980s when it ran Not Just Another Con. (NJAC was later run by an offshoot, Student Conventioneers of UMass.)

The club built up a large library, reaching over 9,000 books by 2021, when the university decided to evict them, as well as several other organizations that had permanent space.

Members included Wendy Glasser (who met her husband in the club), Pam Noffke, Kelly Persons, and Joe Ross.

Fl. 1964-66, 1979-present.

It published a fanzine, which went under the titles Betelgeuse, Grok, and The Zobee.


Club 1964
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