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Trinoc-coN 2004 was held July 23-25, 2004 at the Durham Marriott and Civic Center in Durham, NC. GoHs were Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Artist GoH was Jael, and Gaming GoH was Sam Lewis.

Literary guests included Lawrence Barker, Davey Beauchamp, Richard Butner, Tonya Cook, Richard Dansky, Jim Grimsley, C. J. Henderson, Mike Jasper, John Kessel, K. A. Laity, Jason Erik Lundberg, Lee Martindale, James Maxey, Jana Oliver, Stephen Pagel, Warren Rochelle, Alan Siler, Paul Thompson, William R Trotter, Laura J. Underwood, Graham Watkins, Bud Webster, Drew Williams, Allen Wold.

Art guests included Jamie Bishop, Wanda C. Burns, Janet Chui, Scott Cover, Kate Lebherz-Gelinas, Mike Moon, Ingrid Neilson, Mirana Reveier, Robert Snare, Daniel Trout, and Ursula Vernon.

Gaming guests included Zach Bush, Mark Cenczyk, Richard Dansky, Matt Dohmen, Daniel Earp, Mur Lafferty, Steve Long, Christopher L. McGlothlin, Paul Meaney, Zev Shlasinger, James Trevett, and William R Trotter.

Anime Guests included Marc Matney and Shaun O'Rourke.

Comics Guests included David Allen, Mitch Calhoun, T Campbell, Richard Case, Jeff Darlington, Jenn Dolari, Gregory Eatroff, Clay and Susan Griffith, Kittyhawk, Erin Lindsey, Coy Powers, Bob Roberds, Jamie Robertson, Brad Taylor, and Kevin Volo.

Filk Guests included Moss Bliss, aka J.Random Folksinger, Winddancer Michael-Francis Soto, and Scott Vaughan.

Science Guests included Christopher Brodie, James Conrad, Dorn Peterson, Eric Queen, V. Anne Smith, and Julie Stratton.

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