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The Nunnery, a slanshack at 14 Cooper Square, in New York City, was occupied in the 1950s by Dan Curran and then Bill Donaho. It was the meeting place of the Fanarchists and the site of Fanarcon.

The Nunnery was a typical NYC apartment with rather more inhabitants than just the human ones. John Berry stayed at the Nunnery to and from his Bring Berry to Detroit trip to the Detention. He awoke one time to find a cockroach on him, freaked out (who can blame him?) and moved to a hotel room.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
A slanshack on Cooper Square, New York, occupied by Bill Donaho, Art Saha, and a mort o' transients. It was the scene of several parties, including the Fanarcon.
From Fancyclopedia 2 Supplement, ca. 1960
Art Saha never lived there. Its first fanhabitant was Dan Curran, who followed the three girls who originally lived there and gave the place its name. When the last of these moved out, Donaho moved in, and this pair were the "proprietors" of the Nunnery thenceforth.

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