The Little Fandom That Could

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A 130-page fan history of Phoenix fandom written by Bill Patterson and intended to be published at Westercon XXXV but actually out in 1984. It covers 1968 up to Iguanacon.

Dafydd ab Hugh described it: “Bill's first book, the Little Fandom That Could (this one a mercifully brief 700 pages[1] and self-published), was a didactic, interminable, elegiac, apocalyptic apologia, arguing that that the 1978 World Science Fiction Convention (a.k.a. IguanaCon II) — which Bill Patterson and cohort Tim Kyger accidentally ran, in Phoenix, of all places — was in fact one of the best WorldCons evah, despite it falling to pieces.”

Online at FANAC.


  1. An exaggeration.

Publication 1984
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