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Possible death date[edit]

The only Joseph J. Fortier (b. 1923) in is listed as 2 Apr 1923–7 Dec 1979, with a brief obituary here. That Joseph J. Fortier appears to have lived in California for nearly all his life. So if that's him, we could list his dates as 2 Apr 1923–7 Dec 1979.


Joe Fortier gave his address in a letter to Amazing Stories as 1836—39th Avenue, Oakland, California.

He was still there in the 1940 census along with his parents, James and Grace Halliday.

His mother is listed as next of kin on his draft card, which gives his date of birth in Fresno as April 2, 1923.

Joe Jean Fortier draft card.jpg

And that DOB appears on the index of his death record for December 7, 1979.

Bee Ostrowsky (talk) 08:09, 11 May 2023 (PDT)