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The Sydney J. Bounds Award For Best Newcomer is given annually by the British Fantasy Society as part of the British Fantasy Awards, and recognizes a new fiction writer based on one or more specific works. From 1988 to 1995, it was called the Icarus Award; in 2007 and 2008, it was the Best Newcomer Award. These earlier versions of the award went to individuals, without singling out specific work(s) as the basis for the decision. In 2009, the award was renamed to honor longtime BFS member Sydney J. Bounds.

This award is sponsored and funded by the estate of Sydney J. Bounds, and the winner receives a cheque for £100. The winner is decided by a special panel of readers appointed by the BFS, which includes representatives from the Bounds estate and the BFS.

Many genre experts see this award as the British equivalent of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in the United States.


Year Winner
Icarus Award
1988 Carl T. Ford
1989 John Gilbert
1990 Nancy A. Collins
1991 Michael Marshall Smith
1992 Melanie Tem
1993 Conrad Williams
1994 Poppy Z. Brite
1995 Maggie Furey
1996-2006 – not given
Best Newcomer Award
2007 Joe Hill
2008 Scott Lynch
Sydney J. Bounds Award For Best Newcomer
Year Winner Work
2009 Joseph D'Lacey Meat
2010 Kari Sperring Living with Ghosts
2011 Robert Jackson Bennett Mr. Shivers
2012 Kameron Hurley God's War
2013 Helen Marshall Hair Side, Flesh Side
2014 Ann Leckie Ancillary Justice
2015 Sarah Lotz The Three
2016 Zen Cho Sorcerer to the Crown
2017 Erica L. Satifka Stay Crazy
2018 Jeannette Ng Under the Pendulum Sun
2019 Tasha Suri Empire of Sand
2020 Ta-Nehisi Coates The Water Dancer
2021 Kathleen Jennings Flyaway
2022 Shelley Parker-Chan She Who Became the Sun
2023 Hiron Ennes Leech

Award 1988
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