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A mad pastiche of Star Wars combined with Roots written and directed by Alexis Gilliland and performed at Disclave 22 in 1978. It revealed the Awful Truth about the Intergalactic Postal Union. As a prequel explaining why and how the Rebels were able to acquire the plans for the Death Star, the play actually prefigured the film Rogue One. (It was better, too.)

The cast included Alexis Gilliland, George Andrews, William Berg, Dan Joy, Bill Mayhew, David Hastie, Joe Mayhew, Alan Huff, Tom Schaad, Avedon Carol, Somtow Sucharitkul, Judy Fetter, Lee Smoire, Charles Gilliland, Regina Cohen, Doll Gilliland, Ted Rosenburg, Jack Lechner, Wayne Dionne, Joe Haldeman, Mike Riley, Elizabeth Rosenberg, Jake Rosenberg, Bob Tucker, Avery Davis, and Scott Dennis.

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Show 1978
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