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A fannish musical written by John Pomeranz. The musical is a parody of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Oklahoma, and the parody's comedic plot satirizes the circumstances around the collapse of the DC in '92 bid for the 1992 Worldcon, when a mundane group rented the bid's proposed facilities and the bid folded, allowing MagiCon to win the vote uncontested.

The musical was performed at the 1989 Worldcon, Noreascon 3 by a cast largely comprised of members of the bid including Pomeranz, Kent Bloom, Erica Van Dommelen, Vicki Smith, Covert Beach, Dan Hoey, Mike Stein, Chris Callahan, Dolly and Alexis Gilliland, Winton Mathews, Tom Schaad, and Bob MacIntosh. The piano accompaniment was provided by Dolly Gilliland.

SMOFlahoma online at

Show 1989
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