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See slan shacks.

From Fancyclopedia 1, ca. 1944
An ancient dream of fans (well, dating back to 1938 at least). The idea is to have a place where fans live together, sharing expenses and bumming off one another, and where they can decorate the walls and halls appropriately and scatter their collections all around. The first realization of this dream was the Flat in London. It was soon followed by Futurian House and a long line of successors. In 1943 appeared Slan Shack and such two-man units as Little Jarnevon and the last dribbles of Futurian House. A modification of the idea is simply to have a club room, where a local organization can have its meetings and keep the club library, duplicators, ktp. The ne plus ultra of science-fiction houses is Slan Center. These establishments are more or less natural developments from the fraternity and nationalism of fandom, coupled with the rise of the average fan's age to self-supporting and home-leaving time.

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