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We don’t know much about fandom in Russia. From here, it seems less active than that of other former Soviet Union countries, such as Ukraine and Croatia. It hosted Eurocon 30 in 2008 (which was also Roscon, held annually since 2001), the 2009 Baltcon and Eurocon 2015.

The first con in Russia was a half illegal event in Siberia called Aelita in 1985. As of 2016, Russia had 10 annual sf conventions.

Fannishly (rather than geographically) speaking, Russia is considered part of Europe. The effects on its fandom and their relationship with fans in the rest of the world of the country’s war on Ukraine have yet to be determined, though the anti-Ukraine position of Russian sf writer Sergey Lukianenko added to controversy over the Chengdu Worldcon, which named him as a goh.

See also: Russian Science Fiction.

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