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(1950 – )

Robert Ronald Taylor, a Texas fan, was an integral member of the bidcom for the Austin in '85 NASFiC bid and vice-chair of the resulting LoneStarCon. He also served on the board of the San Antonio in '97 Worldcon bid and the LoneStarCon 2 concom, and has worked on many other conventions.

He was one of the original group behind ArmadilloCon and FACT and has been FACT’s president and a member of its board. He cofounded InstaCon in 1983 and chaired ArmadilloCon 8 in 1986.

Robert discovered fandom in El Paso in the early 1970s, after he moved there to work at a local TV station. He met Willie Siros at Zothique, the local SF club. They attend­ed their first convention together, Westercon 27 in LA in 1974.

That year, Robert moved to Austin, TX, to work with the local ABC affiliate, KVUE. He holds a degree in Journalism with a minor in speech.

He was born in Odessa, TX, to Cecil and Imogene Taylor; his dad was in insurance and real estate, and mom was a housewife. He has lived in Texas all his life.

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