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From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
(Speer) Dubious Latin meaning four who share authority and rule. Don Wollheim, John Michel, Fred Pohl, and Doc Lowndes, the Futurian leaders. They fought for Futurian causes in fairly close concert during 1938 and afterwards, tho in October '38 those holding FAPA office resigned and announced the temporary defeat of their ideas, after which the Triumvirate came into the headship. But the combination held together at least until the end of 1940.
From Fancyclopedia 1, ca. 1944
(Speer) - Dubious Latin meaning "four who share authority and rule". In fandom it applies to Wollheim, Pohl, Lowndes, and Michel, heads of the Wollheimist faction dominant in the Second Fandom. Wollheim came into the ascendancy in the middle of 1937 when Sykora resigned and the ISA broke up. The Quadrumvirate was completed at the beginning of 1938, when Lowndes joined the CPASF, etc. In October of the same year, those holding FAPA office resigned and announced the temporary defeat of their ideas; and the Triumvirate came into the headship. The ex-"dictator" and his three "stooges" continued to write and act in fairly close concert until the Ivory Tower was disabled, after which Pohl split off somewhat, but all still maintained the general community of Futurians though.

Fred Pohl's article with photo.

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