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From Fancyclopedia 1, ca. 1944
The Committee for the Political Advancement of Science-Fiction, called by its enemies Communist Party's Agitators in Scienti-Fandom. It was formed in the winter after the Third Eastern Convention and was the principal active agency of Michelism. Charter members were Rubinson, Dockweiler, Cohen, and the Quadrumvirs. Nearly all were New Yorkers and orthodox Marxists; consequently the publications and activities of the CPASF had a vermilion tinge, which was imparted to the Michelism in general. The Committee was dissolved after two years of existence, early in 1940, when war had come.

Their fanzine was Science Fiction Advance. John Michel came up with a song: the Science Fiction Internationale -- SF words to the tune of the Communist Internationale.

They published at least two pamphlets edited by Michel and Don Wollheim.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 October 1937 12
2 May 1938 16

CPASF online at

Michel also published Foundation of the CPASF.

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