Post-migration Issues

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  • Issues with images. C.f., DL's comments
  • Must change automatic handling of site selection, Hugos, etc. New scheme far too well-hidden
  • Need to make SFE links much more visible. There should be one for every person tagged "pro". Can't do direct links as SFE has surname_firstname logic, must write a special pro Google site search, cf the fannish search everything currently uses.
  • FIXED. Issue with club stub? For example, Smoffish Deathmarch has a club stub (and shouldn't)
  • FIXED BUT FRAGILE. Weirdness at bottom of WAW With the Crew in '52
  • Gather all the Hugo administration pages in one overall page describing the process.
  • Why does patrolling not seem to work? Stuff that was unpatrolled. The Patroller user group not working.