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A fanzine, later named Beyond, edited by Charles Platt which was billed as "...an attempt to bring adult SF by amateurs to as wide an audience as possible". It ran eight issues from November 1963 to April 1965 (changing its name to Beyond in 1964), and featured amateur fiction and poetry, book reviews, and lists of new books.

Unsurprisingly given the editor, it was labelled as "New Wave" by Jim Linwood in the fanzine review column in Les Spinge. Later issues contrasted views of fandom between newcomers and established fans. For example, the fourth issue had a BSFA Survey, where Platt and readers listed gripes about BSFA and the sixth issue carried a piece by Archie Mercer explaining the point of view of established fans and an opposing one by Beryl Henley (who later married Archie Mercer!) with the complaints of the newcomers.

It was one of the top five fanzines in the Skyrack reader's poll of Best BritishFanzine of 1964.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 November 1963 28 named Point of View
2 December 1963 36
3 January 1964 36 first issue named Beyond
4 March 1964 30
5 April 1964 46
6 July 1964 50
7 October 1964 76 published in two sections
8 April 1965 58 final issue

Point of View online at fanac.org

Publication 19631965
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