Peregrinations in Blue

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(For other uses, see Egoboo (Disambiguation).)

Egoboo or perhaps Peregrinations in Blue was a fanzine by Toni Vondruska (largely personalzine, with a few contributions by others). There seems no trace of further issues; lists this among one-offs and page 2 says "EGOBOO is virtually oneshot, or what practically amounts to a sample booklet (illos for any interested fanzine […] done free, even the stencil".

Similarly for the title: inside Toni calls the zine only, and repeatedly, EGOBOO. However this title was too frequently used elsewhere to stick; to increase the confusion, the covering paper (indeed bluish) says PEREGRINATIONS IN BLUE 1 in letraset-like font, followed by hand-cursive Egoboo. The hand-drawn cover art on the following "page I" has a large title EGOBOO, and above it in much smaller letters "Peregrinations in Blue" and "No 1". In Fanac #18, p. 3, it was reviewed in brief by Roger Horrocks as Peregrinations in Blue.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 May 1958 28 Also art and an article by Lynette Mills

Issue #1 (PDF without OCR, 12 MiB) at

Publication 1958
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