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(January 25, 1926 – November 23, 2015)

Pauline Ashwell was a penname for a British sf writer, Pauline Whitby, who also wrote as as Paul Ashwell and Paul Ash. Under the last name, she was one of three women nominated for the Best New Author of 1958 Hugo.

Her debut novelette, Unwillingly to School, printed under the name Pauline Ashwell in the January 1958 issue of Astounding Science Fiction, was nominated for the 1959 Best Novelette Hugo. β€œThe Lost Kafoozalum,” printed under the byline Pauline Ashwell in the October 1960 issue of Analog, was nominated for the 1961 Best Short Fiction Hugo.

Her first story, "Invasion from Venus", published when she was only 14 years old, appeared in the July 1942 issue of the British prozine Yankee Science Fiction under the name Paul Ashwell.

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